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Cost of Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating Cost

The cost of sealing or resealing asphalt on a commercial property will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you with a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:
$0 = No additional cost
$ = Standard cost
$$ = Additional cost.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Does the drive or parking require edging or weed removal?

$ - When the asphalt is prepped and ready to be sealed.

$$ - When the driveway needs to be edged and weeds must be removed.

Is the parking lot or drive located in a remote area?

$ - When the sealing equipment is located nearby.

$$ - When the equipment and/or labor must be transported long-distance.

Do oil stains and other dirt need to be removed from the driveway?

$0 - When there is no dirt or stains to be removed

$$ - When excess dirt needs to be removed and oil stains need to be treated in order to create a better seal

Are there deep cracks or potholes that need to filled in prior to sealing?

$ - When there are no cracks or holes to fill in.

$$ - When there are deep cracks or potholes that need to be filled prior to sealing.

How many coats of sealer will be applied?

$ - When two coats are applied.

$$ - When a third coat is applied to high-traffic areas.

Will the sealer be sprayed on?

$ - When the sealer is sprayed on.

$$ - When the sealer is sprayed on, but some brush work is required.

Does the parking lot need to be striped or painted?

$ - When no striping is required

$$ - When parking spaces and other symbols need to be marked

$$ - When curbs or bumpers need to be painted.

When will the asphalt be sealed?

$ - When the sealing takes place in sections, during normal business hours.

$$ - When the sealing takes place outside of normal business hours or during the weekend.

Ask the Pro:

1. How long do you expect the sealing to take?

2. How long does the sealer need to dry before it can be parked on again?

3. What type of sealer do you recommend: Oil or water based?

4. How many coats of sealer will be applied?

5. Are there any potholes or cracks that need to be filled in?

6. Are you and your crew licensed and insured?

7. Does the quote include cleanup?

8. Does the sealer come with a warranty?

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Need some help with asphalt sealing or resealing?

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